3-Months Private Coaching

3-Month Private Coaching and Healing Experience

The art and science of the energetics of confidence to help you live free from anxiety, self-consciousness, and inner and outer limitations.

Private 1:1 High-Level Coaching.

Quantum Healing Experience.


I’ve been there.

It’s frustrating. I know.

There are many strategies, techniques, and philosophies out there and having been a “personal development” junkie myself – I have tried MANY of them.

Some of them have helped a little bit.

Some of them have helped temporarily…

But the most lasting and transformative approaches are the ones that I have integrated into my coaching methods.

In my Private 1:1 Coaching containers, I use my intuitive abilities, years of coaching expertise and the best of the healing modalities that I’ve been trained in to assess your condition and situation – and then synthesize what I see, hear, and pick up from you in our sessions to help you finally find the missing pieces.

My clients have been able to release years of trauma, self-consciousness, and patterns of shyness, anxiety, self-doubt, and confidence, direction, purpose, and money struggles once and for all.

This is not a quick fix. this is not a magic pill. This is not a temporary band-aid solution. It is a lasting solution to a lifetime of being stuck and unsure.

Let’s find you the clarity, passion, purpose, vigor, juiciness, and success that you have been craving.

No matter where you’re at or how you’re feeling – if you are committed to diving in deep – I know this can work for you.

I will use a combination of modalities including RRT (Rapid Relief Technique,) Energy Clearing and Healing, Guided Visualization, Coaching, and Nervous System Reprogramming to create the shifts that are going to literally change the cells in your body so that you can start showing up in your life as the version of yourself that feels the most true and powerful to you.

You can learn more about RRT below and of course you can ask me any questions that you have about how I work and how we would work together.

This 3-Month Private Coaching Package includes up to 10 hours of private coaching time (usually separated into 6 sessions.)

Typically, 6 sessions are spread out of the 3-Month period as you choose. You can space them out and use the in-between time to integrate the work that we do together. Or you can fast-track yourself and schedule them close together if that is your preference!

Either way – you have access to me for unlimited voice and text messaging. This is perfect for when things come up in your daily life and work and you need immediate coaching, support, brainstorming, or just feel like sharing challenges or successes.

RRT (Rapid Relief Technique) is a game-changing method for mastering your emotions so that you do not have to live your life at the mercy of your negative, intrusive thoughts, worries, anxieties and outside circumstances.

It started out as a “manifestation method” because it has the power to help you create anything that you desire. But it is also more all-encompassing than that. This method helps you clear out all the gunk – all the limiting thought patterns, belief structures, and stuck emotions that leave you feeling triggered, sad for no reason, low-energy, or lacking clarity or motivation to move away from what is keeping you from what you know you desire and deserve. This method has been proven to help with health issues, stress, anxiety, PTSD, weight issues, confidence, and mindset matters.