Intuitive Alchemy Session

Intuitive Alchemy

The art and science of the energetics of confidence to help you live free from anxiety, self-consciousness, and inner and outer limitations.

The version of you that gets easily triggered and doesn’t believe it is worthy, deserving, and capable of doing and having the things you want is wounded by past events and is affected by the thoughts, energy and judgments of your own inner-critic and by the judgments and assessments (real or imagined) of other people. We are emotional beings and even though we may know in our heads that we are safe, smart, and capable – we sometimes can’t help our inner toddler from getting triggered, sad, angry, upset, and stuck.

Schedule a session to help clear the emotional coding that is keeping you stuck going around in circles with old patterns that do not support the version of you that you are trying to develop and bring to life.