3 Pillars of Confident Leadership: Presence, Power and Persuasion

Michelle Baca

In this session, you will learn to amplify your personal power and use it to project confidence, power and warmth. You will learn to:

  • Balance your strength, confidence and focus with a sense of warmth that will make you much less intimidating and much more approachable
  • Quickly build rapport and put people at ease
  • Feel more comfortable entering into difficult conversations and performance management conversations
  • Deliver presentations with more confidence and impact
  • Enroll people in your ideas and initiatives
  • Motivate and inspire your team members

When you learn to communicate from a grounded, confident, compassionate state of being, people will be drawn to you without even realizing why they like you so much. You will walk away from this session with techniques for feeling strong, grounded, charismatic and articulate.


Turn On Your Magnetic Presence: How to Show Up and Be Amazing When the Stakes are High

Public Speaking Corporate Event

Whether you are giving a presentation, meeting someone important for the first time, going on a first date or just want to make a great impression wherever you go, being able to “turn on” your magnetic presence will help you radiate confidence.

In this session, you will learn techniques to help you:

  • Prepare yourself to walk into any “high-stakes” situation
  • Manage distracting mental chatter that can keep you from being present in your interactions
  • Connect with potential clients, making them feel understood and leave them confident in your ability to help them
  • Speak articulately and with a strong and inviting voice
  • Manage nervousness and anxiety
  • Maintain your composure even when things don’t go as planned
  • Activate your greatest source of magnetic, charismatic power
  • Communicate in a natural, genuine, engaging manner that will
  • Grab people’s attention while simultaneously endearing them to you
  • Consistently demonstrate your knowledge, depth and expertise when it really counts

You will walk away from this session with strategies to help you make a great impression every time and get into your “high-performance” zone.


Get in the Zone: Strategies for Achieving Maximum Productivity and Performance

Strategies With Michelle Baca

  • Identify your biggest stress inducers and explore ways to minimize their effect on you so that you can perform at the “top of your game”
  • Examine strategies for staying focused, present and “in the moment”
  • Learn how to transform negative thought patterns into positive energy that will propel you forward in your life and career
  • Explore the application of the best time management philosophies and strategies
  • Learn strategies for effective goal-setting and achievement
  • Explore strategies for boosting your effectiveness by considering your unique work style so that you can “get in the zone” and experience high levels of productivity
  • Consistently demonstrate your knowledge, depth and expertise when it really counts

Walk away from this workshop with renewed energy, clarity and a plan for accomplishing more and making the best use of your time!

Other frequently requested keynote or breakout session topics include:

  • Successful People Think Differently: Developing the Confidence and Mindset You
    Need to Succeed
  • From Resistance to Resilience: Strategies for Navigating Change
  • Finding and Keeping Your “Mojo” at Work: Succeed Faster with Clarity and Purpose


From my clients:

“While searching for a speaker for our Professional Surveyors conference, I broke with tradition and selected a non-surveyor as a speaker. I wanted somebody that could inspire our group to successfully navigate the constant changes we are faced with as an industry and as individuals. After doing research on many speakers, Michelle Baca continually stood out. After meeting with Michelle, I was confident I had the right speaker. Michelle’s preparation for delivering the keynote address was tireless. Her hard work was evident in her presentation. She showed she understood the problems facing our industry. She gave numerous suggestions on how to manage change. Michelle delivered. Her keynote was a huge success. The feedback I received from our members was all positive. It was a great way to kick off our conference. Our members left motivated and ready to learn.”

Larry W. Medrano (President, Precision Surveys)

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