Stand Out and Light Up

“Thank you for your terrific presentation. The evaluations showed that our group loved you and were eager to receive the valuable information you shared. We will certainly keep you in mind for future events”
– ABWA (American Business Women’s Association)

“Just Michelle’s keynote presentation alone was worth the entire conference registration fee”
– M.Leighty, UNMAA Annual Conference attendee


Michelle Baca Public Speaking Tips

“I have to say again I really enjoyed your key note presentation at the Wednesday morning breakfast session, and I also enjoyed our brief conversation afterwards. I was really impressed with what you had to say, and how well you said it As I mentioned, a few of us at my table discussed afterward how we’ve heard several motivational speakers before, but none as good as you. Your presentation had us all really engaged and we could certainly relate what you were saying to our own personal situations…I know that was true for me.”
– David G. AGA Conference Attendee

“While Michelle is very polished and professional, her speaking style makes it feel as though you are having a conversation over a cup of coffee. She wove her personal experiences into her Art of Feminine Presence presentation in a very natural and relatable way. Michelle is a delight to listen to!”
– Ildiko Oravecz


“Ms. Baca was very professional in appearance and speech. Her message was very timely and appropriate for the group. Very informative and thought provoking. She presented the issues, the problem created and possible solutions. Very well done!”
– ABWA Attendee

Presenting Your Self

“Michelle was an energetic presenter, and I found it easy to stay engaged and listen to her presentation.”
-Kimberly Smith

“Michelle was GREAT. She was very knowledgeable and hit the nail right on the head with a lot of her examples.”
-Marcelina Ramirez

“Michelle is a dynamic speaker and an excellent and effective instructor. It is very apparent that Michelle has a huge amount of passion for the work that she does. I enjoy her presentations and always walk away with something valuable”
-Bill Scorah, CPA

“Great job – Best CPE (Continuing Professional Credit) I have had in a long time”
-Deana Lopez, Accounting Manager

“I was in awe by the confidence and charisma that captured the audience I was a part of today”
-Ronald Ortiz, IT Developer

Group Coaching With Michelle Baca

“Michelle did a great job of getting us to think about how leaders interact with their peers and how to effectively lead in difficult situations”
-Nick Wanzor, CPA

“I worked with Michelle on a seminar designed to help “baby boomers” become more familiar with social networking. Michelle was polished, professional and highly knowledgeable. She interacted with audience members with ease and answered questions with confidence. I highly recommend Michelle Baca for your next training or conference event!”
-Bernadette Vadurro President, SpeakersLive

“Michelle is obviously a professional speaker. She came prepared and delivered a powerful message that, if heeded, could certainly make a positive difference in our lives. PowerPoint slides were excellent.”
– ABWA Attendee

“I have been in a couple of training’s that Michelle has led and she is extremely well prepared and delivers information in an exciting and relatable way. She has been instrumental in my training on social media and helping me brand my firm.”
-Wayne Morris, Recruiting Director

“Michelle is one of the most talented, passionate and profound speakers around. She uses her knowledge and expertise to inspire and motivate us to become better people. I left her speaking engagement feeling stronger and more courageous. I felt empowered to overcome my limitations and just go and do it. If there were more women like Michelle in the world, the world would be an amazing place.”
– Susie Gasparovic, Owner/Founder of Susie G Consulting

“Michelle is an awesome teacher and presenter. I have taken two seminars with her and I am currently participating in her Art of Feminine Presence class. I am always amazed at how motivating she is and how she always leaves me wanting to be more and do more. If you ever have the opportunity to do a class or seminar with her, jump at the chance.”
-Amanda Pendley

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