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Michelle Baca is a speaker, author and personal presence expert for women who want to communicate with clarity, compassion, power and impact. She helps her clients achieve peak performance by helping them reduce nervousness, anxiety and self-consciousness.

By teaching her clients how to develop a powerful and magnetic presence, she can show them how to attract the right kind of attention and opportunities into their lives. As a Level II Art of Feminine Presence Teacher Certification, Michelle uses this body of work to help women access their feminine power, the most attractive force that they have within them, so that they can develop a strong physical and energetic presence that can light up a room, help them express their creativity and true nature and produce their best possible results both personally and professionally.



Presentation Topics:

Especially for entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals.

Michelle Baca Women's Public Speaking

Stand Out, Light Up: How to Develop a Powerful Physical and Energetic Presence that Will Help You Attract Clients and Make More Money

During this session you will learn how to develop a magnetic presence and energy that will “light you up” and attract the right people and opportunities into your life. You will learn to:

  • Reduce nervousness and anxiety around promoting yourself and your services
  • Prevent self-doubt, indecisiveness and procrastination from sabotaging your success
  • Protect yourself from the negativity of others so that you no longer feel like you are at the mercy of other people and outside conditions
  • Communicate with confidence, conviction and connection
  • Spark your enthusiasm, creativity, charisma and drive so that you are motivated to effectively accomplish your personal and professional goals

When you are “turned on” both personally and professionally, you will command attention, produce your best work and produce positive results.

Perfect for women who want to awaken and magnify their drive and passion for their lives
and their work and want to look and feel good while doing it!

The Radiant Energy SuperPower: How Light Up Any Room You Walk Into

Your energy introduces you before you even say a word. Exuding radiant energy is superior to projecting confidence. When people try to project confidence, people may be turned off because they can sense that it is not genuine. And when you try too hard to project confidence, it also drains your energy. But, when you learn to light up inside and let that show through, others will naturally notice and all you have to do is walk around being your radiant yourself. Without saying a word, people will see how awesome you are and be drawn to you.

Access the most attractive force you have within – your feminine essence
Feel the freedom of being able to walk around knowing that you don’t have to “shrink” to please anyone and that you don’t have to “water yourself down” to be approachable or likable.

  • Reduce anxiety, fear, nervousness and self-consciousness so you can make a great impression wherever you go
  • Experience more drive, passion, enthusiasm and pleasure
  • Reduce the stress and overwhelm that comes from trying to escape uncomfortable situations or conversations.
  • Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and with receiving positive attention
  • Exude a light, radiant, glowing energy
  • Feel a sense of being open and expressive while also being supported and protected


Teaching Public Speaking Class

Perfect for women who need to perform at the top of their game in demanding or stressful situations.

Turn On Your Magnetic Presence: How to Show Up and Be Amazing When the Stakes are High

Michelle Baca Public Speaker


Whether you are giving a presentation, meeting someone important for the first time, going on a first date or just want to make a great impression wherever you go, being able to “turn on” your magnetic presence will help you radiate confidence.

  • Prepare yourself to walk into any “high-stakes” situation
  • Manage distracting mental chatter that can keep you from being present in your interactions
  • Connect with potential clients, making them feel understood and leave them confident in your ability to help them
  • Speak articulately and with a strong and inviting voice
  • Manage nervousness and anxiety
  • Maintain your composure even when things don’t go as planned
  • Activate your greatest source of magnetic, charismatic power
  • Communicate in a natural, genuine, engaging manner that will grab people’s attention while simultaneously endearing them to you
  • Consistently demonstrate your knowledge, depth and expertise when it really counts

You will walk away from this session with strategies to help you make a great impression every time and get into your “high-performance” zone.

Susie Gasparovic

“Michelle is one of the most talented, passionate and profound speakers around. She uses her knowledge and expertise to inspire and motivate us to become better people. I left her speaking engagement feeling stronger and more courageous. I felt empowered to overcome my limitations and just go and do it. If there were more women like Michelle in the world, the world would be an amazing place.”

– Susie Gasparovic, Owner/Founder of Susie G Consulting

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