Michelle Baca

Outgoing Introvert and Keynote Speaker

I was a very shy child and have always been an extreme introvert, BUT I also had an undeniable desire to be a speaker. This forced me to learn to develop a high level of confidence in myself and in front of groups. I feel that this gives me an edge in helping people develop public speaking skills because when you are not a “natural-born speaker” you learn things the hard way and have to try everything to see what really works. This also gives me a tremendous amount of compassion for the clients that I works with who really struggle with putting themselves out there or struggle with nervousness, fear and anxiety because I know what it’s like.

Former IT Nerd Stuck in the Wrong Career

I chose a career in Information Technology because I wanted to make a lot of money. At that point, it didn’t occur to me to “lead with my heart rather than my head.” I just did what I thought I was “supposed” to do, go to college, get a good job and make a lot of money. I spent four years earning my degree and then spent another five and a half years working as a systems analyst, programmer and database developer. I hated it. I lived for the weekends. I had chronic headaches that persisted until… you guessed it! Until, I decided to leave the unfulfilling career and figure out a new plan for my life. I hired a life coach to help me figure out what I wanted to do. I investigated possible careers, gave it a go as a photographer and even got one paid gig! But, ultimately, as a result of working with coaches and reading tons of personal development books, I became fascinated with coaching as a career and began pursuing my coaching certification.

Personal Development “Junkie”

Once I decided to start figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, I couldn’t get enough of personal development and self-books. My bookcase is full of books by Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Marshall Goldsmith, Gary Zukav and Jack Canfield. I believe that in order to help my clients to the best of my ability, I must also be in a state of constant reflection, practicing what I teach and delving into deeper understanding of myself and the dynamics of human development and positive psychology and self-healing techniques, confidence boosting strategies and peak performance strategies. I am my own guinea pig and I love experimenting with myself and finding what works and adding my own ideas and strategies to create methodologies that help my clients feel great and perform at their very best.

Jack Canfield “Groupie”

Michelle and Jack

In 2014, I completed Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer program and it was completely life transforming! I decided to apply to the program after seeing Jack deliver a one-hour presentation at a speakers conference and was completely struck by his ability to command the attention of the entire room and his messages really resonated with me. I became and instant fan and starting listening to his audio books in my car all the time. My experience during the Train the Trainer program was mind-blowing. The space that was created enabled me to learn how to really be comfortable and be myself with people. The connections and bonds that were made with my fellow trainers was priceless. It was also during that time that I discovered meditation and have been practicing ever since. I went on to co-author a best-selling book with Jack Canfield titled “The Soul of Success” and I incorporate Jack’s Success Principles into a lot of my work. I also continue to work with the Canfield Training Group to spread the Success Principles to hundreds of people each year from all over the world by assisting at Jack’s Breakthrough to Success training events.

Consultant for National Training and Development Firm

Michelle Baca Smiling

For over nine years, I have consulted for ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, a national leadership and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping CPA and IT firms achieve success by helping them develop and implement leadership, succession, and marketing plans. My specialties include results-oriented training sessions, keynote presentations and break-out sessions on a variety of topics including motivation, team development, leadership, communications, conflict management and business development. I am a frequent speaker at association meetings and in-firm training engagements for professional services firms.

Drunk-Driving Advocate and Entrepreneur

I am the co-founder of one of the largest interlock service providers in the country. I continue to serve as a managing member of several service centers, performing business development functions and creating awareness about the effects of the drunk driving problem facing our nation.

Hot Yoga Fanatic

I have been practicing hot yoga for over eight years and the breath control, presence and focus that I have developed as result have helped me become a better speaker and coach. Plus, sweating so much is a great way to detox and de-stress! I LOVE being in the hot room, I love my instructors and I look forward to combining my love of yoga and working with the feminine energy to eventually lead orgasmic yoga classes.

Art of Feminine Presence Level II Instructor

Michelle Baca Giving a Speech

It makes perfect sense that my work is all about how to get out of your head and into your body because that has been the journey that I’ve been on for as long as I can remember. I spent years being “in my head” most of the time. I was stuck in cycles of over-thinking, overanalyzing, and worrying. In the early years of my work in the personal development world, I taught and spoke about how to create a positive mindset. I learned how to create positive thought-patterns and became fascinated with positive psychology, affirmations, visualization, manifestation and various confidence-building techniques. This is all fine and good and I still love all of things and incorporate them into my work currently. But, there was a point at which I realized that all of those techniques were still very much “mental” processes When I started to figure out that “getting out of your head and into your body” is a much more effective way of feeling good and producing amazing results – the game completely changed for me.

My study and practice of cultivating the power of the feminine energy and helping both men and women learn to connect with and use their masculine and feminine power centers to activate their greatest source of power, endurance, drive, groundedness, confidence, creativity and expression has been the most fulfilling experience thus far. I am absolutely blown away by what is possible with this work and love teaching my clients how to develop an unshakable kind of confidence that allows them to show up and be present, magnetic and amazing in everything that they do.

I enjoy incorporating my unique combination of right and left brain to motivate and push you to succeed with kindness, compassion, objectivity and pleasurable, practical solutions.

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